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Valentine's Day Gift & Outfit Guide

Hey guys, & welcome back to the blog! Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Do you have your outfits and gifts together? If not, I have included several options down below for gift ideas and outfits for that special date night, whether it be with your friends or your significant other. Keep reading down below!

First things first, I did want to present to you guys a few options for outfits to wear out for date night or dinner with a friend. We all know Valentine's Day is the official love day, and the signature colors to wear for this holiday are red and pink, which are really two of my most fav colors to wear! I do have quite a bit of red & pink pieces in my closet to choose, so I definitely didn't have to go out and buy anything.

It has been really cold lately here in Memphis, and I stay cold 24/7. Also, Patrick and I typically just go see a movie and go out for a casual dinner date, so a dress wasn't really an option that was top of mind for me. All of the outfits I will be presenting to you are dressy casual options with jeans.

The first option I'm giving you guys is coordinated around the color pink. You can't really tell from the picture, but my earrings, top, and shoes are all different shades of the color pink, so you could call this outfit "50 shades of pink" haha. Even though they are different shades of pink, the shades of pink that I have chosen really contrast well together. If you are going to go for different shades of one color for your outfit just make sure the colors contrast well.

This outfit is dressy casual, but it has a professional flare with the blazer and point toe booties. You could definitely wear this outfit to work during the day or to a casual Valentine's Day lunch with a friend or colleague.

My second choice for that perfect Valentine's day look is this cotton candy inspired outfit. I love this jacket because it's such a statement piece., but it's always so warm! I am still rocking the pink trend for this look. I decided to pair this jacket with a simple tank, patched jeans, and my fur handbag. I mean you can never go wrong with fur right?

This outfit does have a few pops of other colors besides pink, but you could still totally rock this for a V-day look.

Last but definitely not least, I have a red outfit option for you! This is a throwback outfit from last year's Valentine's day look. I loved this look because it was such an edgy look, but it still screamed V-day with the red jacket and the pink shoulder bag.

Like I said before, all of these outfits are jeans outfits. I decided to go with more of a casual look because it is freezing outside, and I have no desire to wear a dress lol. But if you would like to wear a dress on this night, I have included a few dress options down below along with outfit details from each of my looks.

Also, before I forget, I was searching for last minute Valentine's Day gifts to give to my coworkers and Patrick, and I came across a great article that had some great ideas. Click the link below to learn more!


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