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DC Trip: Things To Do and Places To Eat

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to join my best friend on a trip to Washington, DC for her birthday. Why DC? We wanted to go to a metropolitan city with plenty of things to do and good food to eat. Neither one of us had ever been to DC, so we figured it was the right move. DC is full of black culture and history, but it’s also a place where black people excel economically. Keep reading down below to find food spots, things to do and places to visit the next time time you're in DC.

Places To Eat

Now y'all know it was only right to start off with food spots, since I am a true foodie haha. This trip consisted of food spots that were both a hit and a miss. On Friday for our first dinner, we decided to hit up Kitchen + Kocktails, which is a #blackowned spot in the heart of downtown DC. Honestly, this was a miss for us. I had the jerk wings with a side of collard greens, while my best friend had the jerk lamb chops with a side of mac and cheese. The chicken was dry and cold, and y’all know chicken is supposed to fall off the bone. My best friend mentioned the jerk lamb chops were salty. The sides were fire, but I hate when the sides are better than the entrees. One of my followers that travels a lot had recommended to only try the lamb chops on the weekends and the catfish was really good. I can’t attest to that, but the music, people and vibes were dope. It’s questionable if I would ever visit again. They also have a location in Dallas and Chicago.

The next day, my bestie and I hit up a spot called Lost Society, and I was pleased. We didn’t get to try much, since we hit up another spot for lunch. I had the jerk chicken empanadas and when I tell you they were fire, they were fire! My best friend got the crawfish rolls. They were good too, but I had eaten a shell. I didn’t like that.

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On Sunday, it was time for brunch of course. What’s a Sunday in a predominantly black city without going to brunch? We hit Park on 14th, and it was definitely the highlight of the trip for both of us as far as food, pricing, music, vibes, aesthetic, and people. We each paid $60 and got their buffet style plate which included jerk wings, mac and cheese, grits, collard greens, fruit, French toast, eggs, bacon, and a mimosa carafe. It was everything. 10/10 would recommend!

Now I'm from Memphis, so you know we have to talk wings. Bestie and I went to dinner at The Hamilton Sunday night, and we had their "district wings" as a main course with the mumbo sauce. The Hamilton did their thing with these wings, okay?! They had a nice crispy breading with juicy meat on the inside. As a Memphian, it's hard going to other cities and finding tasty wings that are up to par with Memphis wings. 10/10 would recommend The Hamilton wings.

Things to Do

I tend to stick to the artsy activities when I travel out of town, but bestie and I didn't do too much exploring this trip. We really wanted this trip to be relaxing but adventurous in some ways. Really all we needed was good food and good vibes.

We stayed in an airbnb located in Arlington, VA, which had plenty of shopping. However, most of our time spent out and about was in midtown and downtown DC. That's where it was popping with great people, music and food. The drive from Arlington to midtown DC was about 20 minutes.

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Thank you so much for taking your time to visit CRMstyles and reading about my DC trip. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you found a spot of interest for your next DC trip. Let me know in the comments below if there's a place you think I should visit next time I return.

Until next time!




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