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Spring 2019 Look Book

Spring is here guys, and I couldn't be more excited to enjoy this warmer weather. I like the cold, but I was really over it at this point! Since spring is finally here, I did want to go ahead and present you guys with a look book for this new season. I want to say now BEWARE of the pastels because this look book is full of them :) Keep reading down below to see how I put my spring looks together!

There are a few new trends this season and a few trends that have survived from last year's trends. Pastels are really in this season, and these colors really started to hit the scene in spring of 2018. I am in love with this trend! I love pastel colors on my skin tone. And yellow is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. Yellow is a huge trend right now. I went shopping the other day for my spring attire, and I saw yellow here, there, and everywhere!

I love this outfit above because it has a sweetheart feel to it. The white off-the-shoulder top goes perfectly with the pastel yellow pants. These pants scream spring time! And of course I had to pair this outfit with a white pair of heels. White shoes have been a trend for a while now, and I don't think this trend is going anywhere any time soon. If you don't have a classic pair of white heels and boots, then I would definitely think about investing in a pair of each!

Continuing this yellow trend, of course I have another yellow inspired outfit to show you guys! This look is definitely more for a warm sunny day. This outfit is kind of opposite of my first one, and I promise it was a coincidence haha. I used to buy a lot of pink clothing pieces, but here recently I've been buying and wearing a lot of yellow.

This outfit is perfect for a nice brunch or luncheon. When I bought this top, I knew I wanted to pair white bottoms with it. I decided to go with shorts since it was a little warmer outside this day. And of course, I added a pair of white pumps and white earrings. There's something about a pair of white pumps that scream a woman about her business. Also, If you're having trouble piecing outfits together focus on that one piece that is a statement and build your outfit around that one piece. That's what I do for all of my outfits most of the time. Just make sure your colors contrast well together.

The next outfit is a little bit more casual than the first two I have shown. This outfit can definitely be worn to a casual lunch out with a few girlfriends. I love an outfit that is super cute but casual at the same time. There's nothing better than being cute but comfortable! Am I right?!

Again, for this outfit I based the entire look off the pants. This is the piece that is the statement and stands out the most because of the colorful stripes. Since these colors and stripes are so bold I knew I wanted to go with a solid color top. I already had this off-the-shoulder top in my collection, so I threw that on with the pants.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses came on to the scene back in Spring of 2017, but this is a trend that I don't think will be going anywhere any time soon as well. I love off-the-shoulder ANYTHING just because of how broad my shoulders are. This style of tops and dresses allows my shoulders to not look so broad, and I love it! And there's also something about showing a little bit of shoulder that is attractive to the eye ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this look book! I really enjoy these type of blog posts since fashion is my favorite thing to blog about it. Let me know if there is anything you guys would like to see me blog about. Keep reading down below for outfits details and to shop these looks!

In the meantime, I have teamed up with a few blogger friends of mine here in Memphis, TN to host a "Sip & Shop: Blogger Closet Cleanout" event. We will be selling clothes right out of our closet for a bargain price. We will be hosting this event at Hu Hotel here in downtown Memphis April 27th from 1-6PM. Get your money together girl because you don't want to miss this! See the link below to purchase your tickets.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:


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