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I’m Hiring!

As you may have already noticed from the title, I’m hiring! I recently launched a marketing agency, and business has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. I am very grateful for the growth, but I am currently overwhelmed with a crazy workload working 10-14 hour days. If you‘ve been following me for a while, then you may know that I hired two interns to help me last year. Unfortunately, when I quit my job back in February, I let go of one of them because I had to make a decision that was best for business financially. Well now that business is growing, I am ready to hire a social media manager & creator and a personal assistant. Keep reading down below for job descriptions and requirements for each position.

Part- Time Social Media Manager & Creator

I am seeking a Social Media Content Manager & Creator to join my team at McGill Media Marketing.

With 7+ years of digital & influencer marketing experience, I founded McGill Media Marketing to provide brands with the best strategy for organic & paid social media marketing, influencer marketing, storytelling, and content creation. M&M Marketing’s main objective is to help clients create unique and strategy-driven content that aligns with and visually communicates the brand's story while creating awareness, retaining existing audiences and reaching new audiences.

This position is semi-remote and will get to enjoy great flexibility in working from home and on-site with clients.

Role & Responsibilities:

Content Creation:

  • Develop, shoot and edit video & photo content for multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube while tailoring to fit clients’ brand voice, personality and social media presence.

  • Craft compelling captions, visuals and stories that resonate with clients’ community

  • Work alongside team to brainstorm and curate clients’ social media campaigns

Social Media Management:

  • Schedule and post content across various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube

  • Monitor social media metrics for assigned clients while refining strategies based on performance and engagement insights.


  • High school diploma

  • Experience in social media management and content creation

  • Proficiency in video & photo editing

  • Strong understanding of the intricacies of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest

  • Excellent task management

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

  • A creative eye

Part-Time Personal Assistant

I am seeking a personal assistant who is incredibly organized, has an eye for detail, and is a great multitasker.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Business communications

  • Invoicing

  • administer organizational systems

  • coordinate staff and scheduling inside company and with business partners.


  • high school diploma

  • proven written and verbal communication skills

  • strong interpersonal skills

  • multitasker who is comfortable with managing complex and evolving situations

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Excellent organizational skills

If you or you know someone who is interested in either of these positions, then please shoot me an email at

Until Next Time!




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