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Travel to Miami: Things To Do and Places To Eat

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to join my best friends on a trip to Miami, FL for my birthday. Why Miami? We wanted to go somewhere tropical with plenty of things to do and good food to eat. I had never been to Miami, so we figured it was the right move. Miami is full of different cultures, and I’d consider it a melting pot with it being geographically located off the coast of the US. Keep reading down below to find food spots, things to do and places to visit the next time time you're in Miami.

Places To Eat

Now y'all know it was only right to start off with food spots, since I am a true foodie haha. This trip consisted of food spots that were both a hit and a miss. On Friday for lunch, we decided to hit up Le Chick Miami, which is located in Wynwood. With every wall marked with graffiti to express the local culture, Wynwood is definitely the area of Miami to be, especially if you love the art scene. Le Chick restaurant has great food. I had their octopus, and it was perfectly cooked and beautifully displayed. Friday night, we decided to hit up Victory Lounge in Midtown Miami. The aesthetic was Instagram worthy, and the vibes were great with a in-house DJ spinning 2000s throwback music to set the tone. I had their hibachi salmon and my friend had their lamb chops. Food was good. I'd rate it a 7/10.

On Saturday, my besties and I visited a spot called Just Spoons Cafe for brunch, and I was overwhelmed with joy from the superb customer service and extremely tasty food. I had their strawberry short cake French toast, and I can honestly say that was the best French toast I ever had in my life. That’s a strong statement to make coming from me since I am a foodie lol. Just Spoons Cafe is a black-owned restaurant. Saturday night, we headed back to Wynwood to a place called Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen, which was supposed to be one of the best black-owned spots in town. As far as food, it was a miss for me. One of my besties and I ordered the jerk chicken pasta, and it was dry. For a cheesy pasta to be dry was crazy to me. However, Dukunoo got the vibes right with an amazing DJ, good people, and outside patio with fans to cool down.

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On Sunday, we ate at a spot called Mau Miami. This was the cutest food spot we visited the entire weekend. It gave tropical cabana vibes that was perfect for an Instagram picture. I had the blueberry pancakes with a side of eggs and avocado. The blueberry pancakes were the best pancakes I’ve had. Miami got it right with the breakfast for sure.  They’re currently under renovation, but the food, pricing, music, vibes, aesthetic, and customer service was great. 10/10 would recommend! Sunday night, we went to dinner at Gianni’s at Versace Mansion in South Beach. I’m sure you can only imagine, the courtesy of Versace was 10/10. The aesthetic, food and cutomer service was superb. I was shocked the food was so good. I had their labster ravioli, and would definitely order it again! I highly recommend to schedule a dinner at Gianni's if you are planning to visit Miami.

Things to Do

I tend to always throw in an artsy activity when I travel out of town, so besties and I decided to hit up Superblue Museum on Friday. I can’t necessarily put into words to perfectly describe this experience, so you can visit my Instagram stories to witness and describe for yourself. Its an interactive art museum, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something to do in Miami or a cool spot to take pictures.

What’s going to Miami without going to the beach? We went on a sunset cruise Friday night and it was beautiful. To see the sun setting on the water’s horizon was a calming view that was worth every penny. You also get to tour the coast of Miami and see famous celebrities’ homes. On Sunday, we also went to South Beach just to relax and watch the waves. It was the perfect way to wind down before dinner on our last day.

Miami is also known for parties. We attended two day parties and did not stay for long because if you’ve ever been to Miami in May then you know it’s HOT. We couldn’t handle the heat, so we left lol.

Shop My Looks

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Here's a closer look at all of my outfits from my Miami trip. You can shop these looks on my LTK here.

Thank you so much for taking your time to visit CRMstyles and reading about my trip to Miami. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you found a spot of interest for your next DC trip. Let me know in the comments below if there's a place I should visit next time I return.

Until next time!




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