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New York Fashion Week 2023

It's #fashionweek in New York, and I wasn't able to attend this year once again due to my busy schedule. I‘m hoping and having faith that I will be in attendance during Spring shows in February of 2024. In the meantime, we are bringing fashion week to these Memphis streets. Keep reading down below to see this year's looks and a few throwbacks from last year.

Look 1

Last year, I only put together 2 looks, while the previous year I put together 3 looks. Since I fell short with 3 outfits last year, I decided to do 4 looks this year.

Often times, people ask me how I find inspiration for my looks. I usually pick a style or one statement piece and create an entire look based off of that style or piece. I also use Pinterest for inspiration if I’m at a hard spot creatively. For this look, I had this Who What Wear coat from a local shop, and I loved it so much. I knew I wanted to wear leather pants and make the look monochromatic. but I felt like that wasn't enough. That led me to finding a photo on Pinterest of a lady using a belt as a top, and I knew That would be the perfect addition to this look because I had a brown Gucci belt. To keep the monochromatic vision, I accessorized with brown accessories.

Outfit Details:

Glasses: SHEIN

Jacket: Who What Wear (Shop Shelby Jewel)

Belt: Gucci

Pants: Dolls Kill

Boots: SHEIN

Gloves: Amazon

Bag: PrettyLittleThing


Look 2

You can never go wrong with an all black look. I’m always in black. My closet is filled with so many black pieces, so an all-black look is easy for me. And let’s be real, black makes everyone look good.

For this look, the statement piece that I created this look around was the skirt. I bought this skirt from one of my favorites places to shop - Shop AKIRA. The tulle skirt made me want to add more textures to this look, so I added a leather longline jacket. And to play it up even more, I paired a painter’s hat with the look. To keep the look monochromatic, I went with all black accessories. Always play up a look with accessories. Think about hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses and purses. Don’t do too much, but just enough. And never forget the shades :)

Outfit Details:

Hat: Poshmark

Glasses: Amazon

Jacket: Thrifted

Top: Thrifted

Skirt: Shop AKIRA

Heels: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Thrifted


Look 3

The more the sparkle the better, right? For this look, I was inspired by the Beyoncé Renaissance Tour. I’ve been seeing everyone’s outfits so it made me want to put together an outfit.

These rhinestone pants were the staple piece that I built this look around. I found inspiration from Dolce & Gabanna’s archived 90’s looks. They hosted a runway show with Kim Kardashian last year, and I fell in love with one particular look. Thankfully, I had everything already on hand and I didn’t have to buy anything. There are a lot of layers to this look. See full outfit details below.

Outfit Details:

Glasses: SHEIN

Earrings: Windsor Store


T-shirt: Forever21

Lace Bodysuit: SHEIN

Gloves: Amazon

Pants: PrettyLittleThing

Heels: Local

Bag: Thrifted


Thank you so much for tuning into CRMstyles to view this year’s #NYFW looks. It’s always fun. I’m hoping next year you will actually see me in New York making my fashion dreams come true. Let me know in the comments below which is your fav look.

Until Next Time!




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