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Sneak Peek: My Home Design

Hello beautiful people! All moved in to the new house, and I wanted to share a sneak peek of my home design. If you followed me during my last apartment, then you know that I love my neutrals. I went with a modern bohemian design for my last place. For my new house, I wanted to go with a design that was more minimalistic, so I decided to go searching on Pinterest. I found out about the japandi style, and I fell in love. I'm totally not finished with the house yet, but keep reading down below to see what rooms I've already started on and how I made my designs come together.


I do believe that the kitchen is probably my favorite room in the house right now. It's so spacious, and the different earth tones and textures allow this room to feel inviting and safe. See below for the inspirational photo that I pulled from Pinterest for this room.

I loved the charcoal gray stone table as well as the rattan chairs. Rattan is a recurring theme that you will see throughout the japandi style, so I have a few rattan pieces throughout the entire house.

Breakfast Nook

My breakfast nook area is giving me modern japandi vibes. The black hardware really brings in the modern flare, while the rattan chairs, cow hide, and wooden finishes bring in the japandi side. I really want to replace the faux plant. I bought this fig tree from IKEA, and she looks cheap and blah. I'm hoping to replace her soon. #StayTuned

The Den

The Den is slowly becoming my favorite room in the house over the kitchen. I'm waiting to receive a couple canvases for the back wall to hang beside the plant. When setting the vision for this room, comfortability was the main thing I wanted to focus on. Therefore, I wanted to bring in different Earth tones and textures. I used low profile lounge chairs in this room to play into the comfortability theme. This room also has a fireplace on opposite wall (not pictured).

Living Room



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