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DIY Twinkle Framed Art

So I love doing DIY projects because they are fun, creative, and a cheaper alternative than buying retail items!

This Twinkle Framed Art piece is beautiful, but also very easy to make

Items needed:

Old Picture Frame (that you don't mind spray painting, got mine from a thrift store)

Gold Spray paint (Wal-Mart)




Fake flowers (any color, WALMART)

Hot glue gun

Twinkle lights (Bed Bath & Beyond, make sure you get LED lights with a button instead of a plug-in)

and some sort of hooks to hang it with

(Pictures of the gold spray paint and the twinkle lights that I used are listed below)

1. Take your picture frame, and if the glass is still in it take it out. Clean the frame by wiping it with a damp cloth.

2. Spray paint the frame with the gold spray paint. Let it dry completely. (I allowed the frame to dry for about 4 hours)

3. As the frame is drying, take a piece of cardboard and trace out whatever letter you'd like.

4. Cut out the letter and hot glue the fake flowers to the cardboard.

4. After the frame is dry take the twinkle lights and wrap them around the frame.

5. Now it's time to hang it. My frame was way too heavy to hang on a command hook, but luckily my frame, the way it was designed, it had two holes at the top that I could put string though to hang. If your frame is light then just hang it with a command hook.

5. Take your floral designed letter and place it in the center of the frame on the wall with the sticky tape for command hooks.

6. You are done!

I hope you enjoy your new piece of artwork! :)


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