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Night Out With Elvis

I love when I am invited to blogger events because I am able to network and meet new bloggers in the community! Kim Thomas (KPFusion) hosted an event at the Guesthouse of Graceland this past Thursday night, and we were able to take a tour of this wonderful place filled with many memories of Elvis.

I was able to hang out with these beauties this night. It was only a small group of bloggers in the community invited out. I knew each blogger there, so it was really fun to socialize with everyone.

Like I mentioned before, we were able to take a tour of the Guesthouse of Graceland, and it was such an amazing place, from the grand staircase with Elvis' magnificent chandelier to the beautiful designs that were in each and every room. I wondered who designed this place, because it was absolutely breathtaking!!

After the tour, the Guesthouse of Graceland provided us with a few bites to eat and drinks. I was so happy to see FOOD!! If you know me, you know that I love food, and I will never turn down free food haha!!! They offered us a few choices, but the chicken wings in the martini glasses is what really caught my attention. Have you ever seen chicken wings in a glass before?? I have not, and I thought it was super cute and super boujee haha :)

I was able to snap a few pictures that was posted to my Insastory, which you can view down below. Follow me on Instagram if you haven't already to be the first to see updates on upcoming activities! Keep scrolling for Outfit Details! Thank you for visiting CRMstyles!!

Until next time!


Outfit Details:

Blouse | Forever21

Skirt | Urban Outfitters

Heels | Lola Shoetique

Earrings | ThePrettyBull


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