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Best Places to Visit in Memphis

Some of you may know that I am not originally from Memphis. I am from a little small town in Tennessee called Lexington. I moved here to Memphis 4 years ago, and I am so happy to be living in a bigger city with more things to do. Since I have been in Memphis, I have discovered a lot of really fun and cool places to visit! Read down below to see which are my favorite spots to visit and hang out.

17 Berkshire

 Yesterday, I went to 17Berkshire with Mallory Cassady and Shelby Jewel to enjoy a few delicious macaroons. This shop is located in Midtown over at Overton Square. Mallory and Shelby had mentioned to me that Berkshire's macaroons are the best. I tried them, and they truly are the best that I've ever had! If you are ever looking for a delicious sweat treat, 17Berkshire is definitely the place to go! 

My favorite flavor is snickerdoodle! I would definitely try the almond, hazelnut, and raspberry. Please try these macaroons! This is a choice in life that you will never regret! Haha 

17 Berkshire is definitely one of the cutest shops in Memphis! It is new here, and it has become such a trendy spot. This shop features white and gold interior designs. And it has just the right amount of natural light coming in. The designs of this place are amazing for cute pictures on instagram. 

There are a few other spots here in Memphis that I love to visit for different occasions. Keep reading down below for other great places to visit! 

Memphis Escape Rooms

Looking for a fun spot to do an interesting activity? Memphis Escape Rooms is definitely the place to go. An escape room is a live-action entertainment experience where players are locked in a room full of puzzles and clues, ​and have to use their wits to uncover the mysteries of the room and escape before the 60-minute clock expires. I recently went to the Memphis Escape Rooms with a few co-workers, and it was so much fun! The more people you have in a group the easier it is to figure out the clues and escape the room. 

One & Only BBQ

Memphis is nationally known for their BBQ. I have tried a lot of different BBQ from a few local spots around the city. One & Only BBQ definitely has to be one of the top BBQ spots to visit in Memphis. From their pulled pork, to their slab of ribs, and don't get me started on their BBQ sauce. It just makes my mouth water thinking about the sauce. Haha I love food. Can you tell? 


Railgarten is the perfect spot to go out, relax and have a drink. This place is located in Midtown Memphis. They also have a live band. I've been there a few times with friends, and the atmosphere has a really cool vibe. 

FedEx Forum

When NBA basketball is in season, the Memphis Grizzlies games are the perfect thing to do both during the week and on the weekend. It's such a cool environment, and a great experience to support your local Grizzlies.You never know who you may see at a Memphis Grizzlies game. I sat 5 rows behind Drake at one Memphis Grizzlies game, and it was the best game experience I have ever had!! 

Jerry's Sno Cones

Sno Cones have definitely become an obsession of mine since I've been in Memphis. Jerry's Sno Cones has the best snow cones in Memphis by far. The consistency of their ice no one else has seemed to match or beat. A Jerry's sno cone makes for the best treat to cool down during a hot summer day.

Tanger Outlet Mall

I can't talk about the best places to visit without mentioning the best place to shop. Tanger Outlet Mall isn't located in Memphis, but it is located in Southaven Mississippi, which is only 20 minutes from Memphis. Tanger Outlet is a fairly new mall, but it's full of great brands to shop. 

Thank you for visiting CRMstyles once again. Let me know your favorite spots to visit in Memphis by commenting down below. I would love to discover new places around the city to enjoy.

Until Next Time!


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