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My Beauty Favorites

Hi guys! Welcome back to the blog! Some of you may already know that I am a makeup artist, so I love when I find good makeup products that work not only for myself but for others as well. I always get questions about my makeup or my clients' makeup. Well now I am here to tell you all about my favorite beauty products. Keep reading down below to find out my beauty favorites and why they are my favorites!

Before I start babbling about my favorite products, I did want to share with you guys a few of my favorite places to shop for beauty products. I do have to say that Sephora is one of my favorite makeup stores to shop. They have so many great brands that are all sold under one roof, so it's a one-stop shop.

Being a makeup artist, I usually have to makeup at least 3 stops at Sephora every month, but I definitely don't mind spending hours playing with makeup haha. The main products that I buy from Sephora are face primers, foundation, concealer, setting sprays, and eyebrow products.

Another great makeup store that I love shopping at is Ulta. There are three reasons why I would shop at Ulta over Sephora. One of these reasons is because Tarte shape tape concealer is exclusively sold at Ulta. The shape tape concealer is my favorite concealer of all time, and I will be raving all about it down below. The second reason I would shop at Ulta is because they now exclusively sell Morphe palettes, which are literally the best eye shadow palettes on Earth for the best price. Try out the Morphe palette yourself, and I guarantee you will say bye to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The last and final reason is because they not only sell high end makeup, but they also sell drugstore makeup! So this store is kind of like a one-stop shop as well.

My last favorite place to shop is MAC. You can never go wrong with the true "OG" (Original gangster) of the makeup world. MAC has been around longer than most makeup brands. I love MAC because they work with all skin types and skin tones. They have such a broad shade range, and you could find colors for anyone. Their the best at full coverage makeup formulas as well. If you can't find a concealer or a foundation to cover up any acne scarring or other marks on your face, MAC definitely has products that can cover anything.

Now that I have talked all about my favorite places to shop, let's jump right into my favorite makeup products in the order that I apply them.

1. Primer

My ALL-TIME favorite face primer is the Makeup Forever Smoothing primer. This primer helps to smooth any texture on the face caused from huge pores. I have had such a problem covering the pores on my nose and chin, and this has always gotten the job done. I also use this primer on every client.

2. Foundation

I do have to say that I am such a foundation junkie. I will buy a new foundation every time I go to buy makeup because there's nothing like a great foundation that has great coverage and doesn't feel so heavy on the face. One of my favorite foundations that was the very first high end foundation I ever bought myself is the MAC studio fix foundation. I use this product on every one of my clients, and I still use this on myself to this very day. It is very full coverage, and it is a little heavy when it comes to the wear of the foundation. Another one of my favorites is the Urban Decay "All Nighter" foundation, which is pictured in the image above. This foundation is also full coverage, but it's not as heavy as the MAC studio fix, which I love this feature about it. Last but not least, I wanted to share with you guys a cheaper option for foundation. The L'Oreal Infallible Total Coverage foundation is great full coverage foundation that is such a cheaper option sold at any drugstore.

3. Concealer

Not only am I a foundation junkie, but I am also a concealer junkie. I can never go without buying a new concealer to try when shopping for makeup. However, my favorite concealers include: MAC prolongwear concealer, Tarte "Shape Tape" concealer, and Kat Von D "Lock It Tattoo" concealer. My all-time favorite is the Tarte shape tape concealer. It's so creamy, easy to blend, and it's full coverage. Nothing gets better than that! Although, MAC prolongwear concealer is a true OG. This concealer has been around before Tarte shape tape concealer was even thought about. However, I tend not to use this concealer as much because it has such an unpleasant scent. Lastly, the Kat Von D concealer is a concealer that I recently tried. It reminds me a lot of the Tarte shape tape concealer, but it isn't quite as full coverage. It's perfect for your everyday makeup routine.

4. Setting Powder

There are two different setting powders that I use-Airspun translucent powder & Sacha Buttercup powder. I use Airspun on my clients with lighter skin complexions, and I use Sacha buttercup powder for my clients with darker complexions. On other girls who are my skin tone and myself, I will mix both of these powders. Both of these powders are very fine and the best with baking. The Airpsun translucent powder is sold at Walmart for only $6. Sacha Buttercup powder is sold for $26. I received my personal one from Amazon.

5. Eyebrows

The Benefit brow definer is my favorite product to use to fill in eyebrows. Since this product is a pencil, it gives me a lot of control over the product. With the pencil, I can also finish quicker when I am trying to finish up a huge bridal party.

6. Eyeshadow

Morphe is absolutely my favorite brand for eye shadow palettes. Specifically, Jaclyn Hill's collaborations are my favorite palettes. Like I mentioned above, try Morphe palettes and they will definitely make you think twice about buying Urban Decay's palettes again. Morphe's eye shadows are so creamy and pigmented. You'll be hooked the minute you try them!

7. Lashes

My favorite brand of lashes I actually get from a local beauty supply store. These lashes are called "Miss". My two favorite styles right now are "M102B" & "M811". They are so beautiful and full of drama. If you are not a dramatic type of gal or you aren't used to wearing a lot of makeup, they are not for you. If you do love drama, then these babies are definitely for you!

8. Contour

The palette that I have always used to contour is the NYX cosmetics contour palette. It comes with 4 highlighting setting powders and 4 contour powders. I am able to use each of the contour shades on every shade of client. It's a really great palette for only $26. You can't beat it!

9. Blush

I have used many blushes in my makeup lifetime haha. However, I received a blush in my ipsy bag from Tarte called "Feisty", and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's the perfect mauve blush. I have found that it looks good on every skin tone.

10. Highlighter

I have two favorite highlighters and they are Laura Geller's "Gilded Honey" & Becca's "Opal". Both of these highlighters are literally breath taking from the gleam that happens when the sun hits it haha! They're both so pretty.

11. Setting Spray

I do have to say that Urban Decay is the best brand when it comes to setting sprays. They have great setting sprays for different skin types. My favorite sprays from this brand are "All Nighter" & "De-Slick". Mario Bedescu has great facial sprays as well. Particularly, the one with rosewater is my favorite, and I use this spray right before the Urban Decay "All-Nighter". The rosewater will help the face get rid of that "powdery" look caused from setting the face with your setting powder. Using the Urban Decay spray right after will help set the entire masterpiece that you have created. :)

12. Mascara

My favorite mascara is Maybelline's Colossal mascara. I always let my clients know that mascara is definitely one of those products that you don't have to spend $25. I have definitely tried higher end mascaras, but you can definitely buy one at the drugstore to get the same effect; especially, if you're wearing lashes! I always apply mascara after the setting spray. Some of my clients tend to shut their eyes a little too hard when spraying their face with setting spray. And that always ends with trying to fix the mascara situation that just happened haha. Applying your mascara after the setting spray is definitely the best way to do it!

Thank you guys for visiting CRMstyles! If you have any questions about makeup let me know by leaving a comment down below. I love giving cool tips and tricks. :)

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And of course, I could not end this blog without including outfit details. Shop a similar look down below!

Outfit Details:

Top | Nordstrom Rack

Denim Jeans | GAP

Handbag | Target

Platform Heels | Target

Earrings | BaubleBar


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