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What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is here, and I’m so ready to dive into a delicious plate of food!! Haha But I totally wanted to hop on here and show you guys a few outfit options that I would wear to dinner with my family today. I do like to keep it cute for Thanksgiving, so I’m totally wearing heels. :)

I do have to say that this first option is definitely my favorite. I absolutely love the denim on denim trend! Matching two separate denim pieces can be difficult at times, but when you find a top and bottom that match it’s so good!

It’s so important for me to wear comfy jeans on Thanksgiving! I definitely need room for the multiple plates I will devour haha. I’m in love with these color block jeans! And can you believe I got them from Target for only $15?! I mean you can’t beat it. Shop this full look down below.

Now this second option that I have, I’m really feelin’ myself ha! I just feel like a boss babe with this vest coat from A’GACI. I was so happy when I they sent it to me. I’m so in love with it! I decided to wear these brown booties to give the outfit a nice pop! And why not match the handbag to my shoes ;)

I love this outfit because I can always depend on the vest coat to keep me a little warm, but when it’s time to get in the kitchen to help out with the food I don’t have to worry about longer sleeves getting in my way, which is super nice. And this off-the-shoulder top has such a nice fit to my arms, so I can pull my sleeves up and be comfortable assisting with the food. Shop a similar look down below!

This last option is very different from my usual. I have not found myself wearing a lot of skirts lately, but I definitely would throw one on for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to throw in some Fall colors to give off some Fall vibes. I wasn’t sure about the handbag, but I totally love the contrast against my yellow skirt, and olive green boots.

Thank you so much for dropping in to read this post! I hope that you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! But hey I think we can all say we are excited for the Black Friday shopping that happens after Thanksgiving! Well at least I am! Shop a similar look down below. ;)

Until next time!



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