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New 'Pottery Haven' in Town!

There’s a new store in Southaven, MS that I know is going to be a hit! Well it’s already a hit in my book haha! Pottery Haven is a store where you and friends can go paint pottery pieces that have already been crafted. And guess what? You don’t even have to pay a registration or entrance fee. How great is that?! Keep reading down below to hear all about my fun night out with the girls at Pottery Haven.

I was invited out by my friend & colleague Alex to come out to Pottery Haven where we were also joined by our good friends Shelby & Elizabeth. I totally thought this place was a place where you could sip & paint. I wasn’t far off, but we definitely had to paint something ha! They have many, many options to choose from when it comes to pottery pieces to paint. Everything from dishes to vases to jewelry holders.

The pieces range anywhere from $20-$50, which isn’t bad at all. Most sip & paint places charge $35. I decided to paint a dish to use as a jewelry tray. I was in desperate need for one since I always walk into my room from work and just throw my jewelry all over my desk. I painted this cute little bible scripture design onto mine. Pottery Haven had stencils to use so you could make it perfect. It was such an easy process!

I also got my initials painted on the bottom of my jewelry tray just for a nice personalized touch :) Pottery Haven has on on-site calligraphy writer that is a pro when it comes to painting on these pieces!

Here’s a closer look to all of the pieces that we painted! Again, there are stencils & an in-house calligraphy writer that makes this process so easy! I definitely recommend this place to everyone. Painting is such a stress reliever. It’s a hobby of mine, so I’m definitely thinking about going back for a small gathering for my birthday. Let me know down below in the comment section if you’ve ever been to a place like this before. If so, feel free to drop a pic of your design :)

Until next time! <3


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