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Where I Shop for Clothing!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. I did a poll a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram stories, and a lot of you wanted to know where I shop for my clothing. I was so happy that you guys were interested in this information that I decided to write a blog post about it. So here you guys go! 

I shop at so many different places, and I wanted to be sure that I share this information with you guys that way you can always reference it when shopping for an event or special occasion. And honestly guys, I am definitely a bargain shopper. There is never a moment that I will pay full price for anything unless I absolutely have to have it. I do like to invest in nice shoes & purses, but you best believe I find them on sale. Right now at this stage of my life, with planning for a wedding and planning, let’s just say I’m very frugal lol.

Keep reading down below for a complete list of places that I like to shop. 


If you have never heard of Poshmark, you need to get to know it. This is a social platform where people around the U.S. sell & buy used clothing. Before I check any other sites, I ALWAYS check Poshmark first to see if I can find an outfit that coordinates with the vision that I am going for. I have found so many good pieces from this app, especially pieces that are unique that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Vintage for example. As we all know, fashion trends always circulate back around from the 70's, 80's, & 90's, but sometimes these pieces are hard to find at a good price on a normal retail site. If I am looking for a throwback or vintage piece, I'm definitely checking Poshmark. I also check Poshmark for designer pieces. 


During my shopping journey, once I check Poshmark, ASOS is probably next on my list. I love this site because it is very up to date as far as current fashion trends & very affordable. It is hard for me to find black tie formal wear, so I don't typically check this site for that particular style of clothing. However, they have a great selection for casual & 

semi-casual looks.


I love boohoo because they are very affordable and trendy, but the main reason I like to come to this site is because it seems as though they are always having an online sale. I come to this website when I am looking for a cute dress for a night on the town. Their dress selection is very very cute! 


MissGuided is another website that I like to visit because they are always having a sale. I'm usually checking this website for cute "night out on the town" outfits like dresses & skirts mainly. They have super cute casual wear too.


Who doesn't love Target? I love Target!! I can literally find anything there - clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Their selection is just so cute! I always find something when I go in there because their selection is so affordable. And I can honestly say that most likely 30% of my shoe collection is from Target lol. 


SheIn is also a great website for everything you can think of! This site literally has everything! And they also have really unique pieces that you may not find on any other sites. Their coats & jackets selection is EVERYTHING! I always shop here for my coats. They're so affordable! And I'm talking most pieces are under $50. 

See below for a continued list of sites that I like to shop. <3



Nordstrom Rack




Lemon Lunar

Dolls Club Official


Urban Outfitters




Pretty Little Thing

Amazing Lace


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