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My Current Makeup Routine

Hello Hello! I know I am super late on posting this, but I’m so happy I finally got this blog post up for you guys. My current makeup routine is finally here, and I’m so excited because I’ve added a lot of new makeup products to my routine since the last time I shared. I have not only included my full face beat makeup routine, but I went ahead and threw in my quick makeup routine for you babes that don’t like to wear too much makeup. I’ve included names of products as well as images. Keep reading down below to see what products I’m actually using and how I apply them!


So for any of you who don’t know what the term “beat face” means, it just means that I put every effort into finessing my makeup, and I use a lot more products than my casual work routine.


First things first, I do like to start with moisturizing my skin. No, I currently do not use a primer. I use a vitamin C serum as well as a moisturizer from a local shop here in Memphis called Buff City Soap. So I guess you could say that I do use a moisturizer as a primer. If you have a hydrating primer such as the Too Faced Hangover primer, you could definitely use that! I don’t use mattifying or poreless primers because often times they don’t mix well with certain foundations since these types of primers having a silicon base ingredient. You have to be careful when using these types of primers. When you use a silicone based primer along with a water based foundation, your foundation will start to cake and roll off your face. We all know oil and water don’t mix well!


After primer, my eyes are the next thing that I focus on. I always like to start on eyes first so I can go in and clean up any fall out that I have from my eyeshadows before starting on my face makeup. So First, BROWS! I fill in my brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade dark brown. Once my brows are filled in, I will go in with L.A. Girl Pro concealer in the “Yellow Corrector” shade to conceal underneath my brows only. I do not like to conceal on top because I don’t want my brows to be too harsh. While concealing under my brows I will also bring the concealer down onto my lids to act as an eye shadow base. Once the concealer has been applied, I will set the concealer with a little bit of the Makeup Revolution “Banana” setting powder to make sure that concealer does not crease and stays in place.

As far as eye shadow goes, I usually like to use more neutral tones. I typically go for one of my Morphe palettes from the “Jaclyn Hill Vault” collection. I love the “Ring the Alarm” palette, which is full of reds, oranges, golds, and browns – perfect for a neutral smokey eye! I use one of the orange shades in my crease as a transition shade. I will apply a little bit of the dark brown shade in my outer corner to add a little bit of smokiness. And lastly, I apply the pretty metallic gold shade to my lid. And to finish off my eye look, I always use my Neutrogena Precision Liquid eyeliner to give myself a nice even wing & a pair of my favorite falsies that I get from a local beauty supply store here in Memphis. They are “LFSD 21K” by Laflare. You may be able to find them online! & Don’t forget your mascara! I’m currently using Butter London Double Decker black mascara.


After my serum & moisturizer has settled in and my skin is nice and hydrated, I like to go ahead and start color correcting. If you’re not familiar with color correcting, this is just a base step to make sure your skin looks nice and even once you go in with your liquid foundation. I go in with a little bit of my L.A. Girl Pro concealer in the “Orange Corrector” shade to color correct around my mouth area and right where my eye bags are. I do tend to be a little darker in these areas so I brighten them up by using a red corrector. If you happen to have a lot of redness, a green color corrector is the product that you would need to use.

Once my color corrector has been applied, I will go in with my foundation. I am currently using the Kat Von D Tattoo Lock It Foundation in the shade “Medium 58 Warm”. This is a super full-coverage foundation, so if you are not a full-coverage type of gal, then this is not for you! I do like to use full coverage foundations because I want to cover every blemish and discoloration on my face. Next, I will go in with my Morphe fluidity concealer in the shade “C2.25” under my eyes, on my chin, down center of my nose, and center of my forehead. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this concealer so much. It has actually replaced my love for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I like this concealer more because it is so creamy and it doesn’t dry down as fast as the Tarte shape tape concealer. I also found a better match for my skin tone with the Morphe concealer rather than the Tarte Shape Tape. But don’t get me wrong, you best believe I am still putting my Tarte Shape Tape concealer to good use on my clients lol.

After all liquid face products have been applied, I will start setting my face. I do use two different setting powders: I use the Makeup Revolution “Banana” setting powder to set my under eye concealer, and I use the Sacha “Buttercup” setting powder to set everywhere else (under contour line, all around mouth, and the center of my forehead). The Makeup Revolution “Banana” powder is a little bit brighter than the Sacha “Buttercup”. I like for my under eye area to be slightly brighter than the rest of my face. Also, when I say set, I am baking. If you aren’t familiar with the term “baking”, it just means that you are caking on powder so much that you have a nice layer of it on your face to catch the oils that try to pierce through. This will allow your makeup to last a lot longer.


Now it’s time to move on to contour. I know a lot of people struggle when it comes to contouring, so I will do my best to explain this process. I use the Black Radiance contour palette. I start with my cheekbones. If you make a fishy face, you will see a line create from the edge of your mouth to your ear. This is your contour line. DO NOT GO BELOW THIS LINE! If you go below this line, you are bringing your cheek bones down. We don’t want low cheekbones, we want high cheekbones! First things first, place your brush as close as possible to your ear and start dragging your contour (along your contour line) from your ear towards the edge of your mouth. DO NOT extend your contour all the way to the edge of your mouth. You want to stop your contour at the middle of your eye ball. Once you have created this base line, take your brush and start blending upwards from your base contour line with flicking motions. Don’t extend past the highest point of your cheekbones. Take your hands and feel for where the highest points are. They should be right underneath the outer corner of your eye.

Once you have contoured your cheekbones, start contouring your forehead and your jawline, while connecting those to your cheekbone contour in a “3” format motion. For my nose contour, I do like to take the same brush with no extra product and pinch it to make it narrower to size up with the sides of my nose. I quickly brush a little on each side of my nose while connecting it to whatever eyeshadow shade is in my crease.

Next, I go in with my Morphe “Continuous Mist” setting spray. After applying all of those powder products to my face, I am typically looking a little powdery and dry. The Morphe setting spray really gets rid of that powdery look and provides my skin with a little bit of dewiness. I also go in with setting spray right before I apply my highlighter because I want my highlighter to pop a little more. Speaking of highlighter, I do use a highlighter palette by Beauty Creations. It is so bomb, so pigmented, and so cheap! There are 4 different shades in this palette, but I only use the shade in the bottom right corner. I apply my blush right after highlight to blend my highlighter with my contour a little bit better. I use a blush by OFRA Cosmetics in the shade “Blush Chamomile”. It is a nice mauvey-rose shade.


Last but definitely not least, I finish my completed look off with a nice lippie. I’ve been only been wearing 3 different lippies lately. (1) One lippie is my Lip Vinyl by Milk Makeup in the shade “Dusty Rose”. It is a gloss but the color payoff is so bomb. (2) Another lippie I’ve been loving recently is the Morphe lip gloss in the shade “Pixie”. Honestly, I didn’t even mean to buy this shade, but I was so happy that I did! This is the perfect gloss topper for any lippie I wear or sometimes I just wear it by itself. It’s a mauve lip gloss but it is more on the transparent side. The last lippie that I’ve been wearing a lot lately is more of a pop of color. (3) Milani’s “2-in-1 Power Lip” Moisturizing Gloss Stain in the shade “01 Red” is one of the best reds I own and can you believe I got it from Dollar Tree?! I have really been into glosses lately if you can’t tell and this red is the perfect blend of color payoff as well as glossiness!

That concludes my full face beat makeup routine. Keep reading below if you’d to see about my quick makeup routine.


The application process for this routine does not change much from my “Full Face Beat” makeup routine.

1. I do fill in my brows and conceal underneath them. I also bring that concealer down to act as an eyeshadow base.

2. I set that concealer with a little bit of my Makeup Revolution “Banana” setting powder.

3. I use the same eyeshadows as in my “beat face” makeup routine as well as eye liner and mascara, but I do not apply falsies.

4. I apply my Morphe concealer only under my eyes and set it with my Makeup Revolution “Banana” setting powder.

5. I apply my contour, highlighter, and blush.

6. I apply my Morphe “Pixie” lip gloss.

Quick and easy, right?! I typically go for my quick routine when I am headed to work or if I don’t feel like beating my face but I don’t want to look dead lol.

Well, that’s all folks! I am so happy you stuck through to the end! It is a long process that usually takes me anywhere from 45 min-1 hr, but it’s totally worth the wait once I’m done. Comment down below if you have any questions regarding my process or products that I use. I’d be happy to answer anything!

Until next time! <3



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