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Birthday Trip to Atlanta: Food Spots & Things to Do

This past week was my birthday, and I decided to take a trip to Atlanta, GA. You're probably asking, "Why Atlanta?". I haven't been to ATL since 2017, and the city has been prospering since then. It's full of black culture, music and good ole southern food. I thought it was only right to revisit. Keep reading down below to find food spots, things to do & places to visit the next time time you're in Atlanta.

Food Spots

Now y'all know it was only right to start off with food spots (since I am a true foodie haha). This trip consisted of so much good food. My mouth is watering right now as I write this thinking about all the good food we indulged in. The very first day, we visited Nana's Chicken & Waffles ,which is a well-known brunch spot that is #BlackOwned. When I tell y'all this was the best chicken & waffles I've ever had, I mean that whole-heartedly. I had the strawberry chicken and waffles. The waffle was crispy, and the wings were even crispier. That night we hit up a spot called Faded @ Facet, and I had the oxtails. The presentation was absolutely stunning, but the food was just warm and not hot. I didn't like that. It was very well seasoned though.

The next day, my bestie and I hit up a spot called Just Brunch, and I was pleased. I got the veggie omelette with a side of grits and a crescent with their homemade special jam. I also got a side of collard greens. The omelet could have used more salt, but everything else was great. That night, we headed to The Garden Room to have an app and drinks. I heard about this place from a coworker of mine. The aesthetic is magical and perfect for pictures. Their cucumber salad was so good (I could've had it as an entree). After, we hit up The V Restaurant & Lounge for food. Even though we only had tacos the service took FOREVER.

Saturday, we got to try the infamous Toast on Lenox. I had to book reservations here one month in advance because this place is always so booked, and I understand why because the food & service was superb. I had the seafood gumbo with collard greens and sweet potatoes on the side. 10/10 recommend. That night we visited The Select for drinks and apps. This restaurant is another Instagram worthy spot for photos. After, we ate at 404 Restaurant & Bar. The food was good, but the service wasn't that great.

Sunday, we hit up The Hive, which is another busy brunch spot where I had to make reservations a month in advance. By this time, I was craving some honey hot wings, and their wings were good but they had nothing on the wings we had at Nana's Chicken & Waffles. Honestly, no one really has better wings than Memphis. No one touches our Lemon pepper, honey gold & honey hot wings.

Things to Do

There are many things to do in Atlanta. I tend to stick to the artsy activities when I travel out of town. On the first night, we checked out a place called The Illuminarium. Now this was a spectacular place. There were two rooms. One room where you could sit down and enjoy a meal and another room where you could enjoy a visual video about space. In both rooms, the walls featured projected visuals of space. It was mesmerizing and you could enjoy a drink while taking everything in.

The 2nd day, we hit up a spot called Cake n' Sip where we got to decorate our own cakes while sipping wine. That was fun, especially for my birthday. You do have to BYOB (Bring your own bottle).

Lastly, we hit up a couple of lounges for day parties at Cafe Circa Lounge and Teranga City

Shop the Looks

Thank you so much for taking your time to visit CRMstyles and checking out my birthday trip blog post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you found a spot of interest for your next ATL trip. Let me know down below in the comments a place I should visit next time I return.

Until next time!




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