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Self-Care Routine During Quarantine

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I've posted on my blog, but I have a special post that I wanted to share with you. I wanted to take a moment to talk about self-care: what it means to me and what my self-care routine consists of. The world is in crazy times right now with the transition of presidents as well as COVID-19 cases rising. I thought now would be the perfect time to share a few activities that you can do for self-care. Keep reading down below to learn more about how I take time to myself to self-indulge in all the things I love <3

Everyone needs a moment to themselves especially after thinking about what a year 2020 has been. I often feel very overwhelmed with the three jobs that I have and everything going on in the world. When I am feeling anxious & overwhelmed, there are a few things that I decide to do to keep my mind sane if you know what I mean lol.

1. Shower & Skincare Routine

I take my shower & skincare routine very seriously. This is my moment to myself to breathe, take care of my body and indulge in all the things that smell so good to me. I'm a very sensual person, so I love things that cater to my senses. My shower routine consists of washing my face with my activated charcoal cleansing bar from @buffcitysoap as well as washing my body with @buffcitysoap black raspberry vanilla or narcissist scented bar soap. If I need to shave then I will while I'm washing up. After shaving, I will apply my shower oil from Buff City Soap. This will help with moisturizing my skin before I get out of the shower.

Once I'm out of the shower, I move onto my skincare routine. I love a good mask, and one of my favorite masks is by GlamGlow supermud Clearing Treatment Mask. Their charcoal mask is the bomb, and I love how cool & refreshing it makes my skin feel. Once I mask for 10 minutes, I apply a toner, rejuvenating serum, moisturizer, & eye moisturizer all from @buffcitysoap. After my skincare routine, I will apply a body butter all over my body from Buff City Soap. Yes, I'm obsessed with Buff City Soap, and if you haven't tried them out you definitely should!

2. Beat My Face & Take a Few Selfies

Sometimes there's no better feeling than getting dressed up and putting on makeup for your damn self!! It makes me feel so good inside. If I have a day where I'm feeling down, then I'll shower, do my skincare routine, and beat my face. And you can't beat your face without taking selfies for Instagram. There's no better feeling than posting bomb selfies to your IG account for all of your followers to see. Doesn't it make you feel like you're the ish LOL?!

Speaking of posting bomb selfies, I had a photographer reach out to me wanting to shoot a few boudoir photos. I was honestly hesitant because I've never been half-naked in front of a camera before, and the thought of that alone made me super nervous. Luckily, the photographer that reached out to me was a woman and her work was amazing! I recently just got out of a long-term relationship and I've been wanting to do something crazy that wasn't too crazy. I thought about a tattoo, but that's so permanent and painful. So I thought a boudoir photo shoot didn't sound so bad. It actually sounded & felt very freeing. I loved the way the photos & editing turned out. Marie is the best! Check out her website here -->

3. Eat Good Food

Am I the only one that gets so excited like a big kid when they eat?! Man oh Man does food make me feel good. And not just any food - SEAFOOD! I love me some seafood. Shrimp, crab and oysters are a few of my favs. If you're ever in the Memphis area, Pearl's Oyster House is a really good place to visit if you're looking for good chargrilled oysters. If you're looking for good seafood in a bag then Bluff City Crab & Juicy Crab are my favs.

4. Step Away & Nap

Sometimes I just need to step away from everything that I am doing and thinking about and take a nap. Naps are very relaxing & rejuvenating for me. I often listen to rain sound playlists on my phone as I'm falling asleep to help my mind clear.

5. Watch a Good Throwback Movie

Watching movies brings me joy, but there's nothing better than when you find a good movie to watch that you haven't seen in forever. It's definitely a moment to reminisce, especially during the holiday season. Throwback movies are the best! I've watched a few lately such as: Big Daddy, Due Date, Two Can Play That Game, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, ELF, Polar Express & A Christmas Carol. Leave me a comment down below and let me know if there are any throwback Christmas movies you've watched lately!

Thank you guys for visiting CRMstyles. I hope you were able to take something from today's blog post. If you take anything away from this blog post, then remember this: "Take time to yourself because only you & God are going to take the best care of you."

Until Next Time!




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