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Spring 2022 Trends

It's Spring time! Time for bold colors, shorts & skirts, and a crazy amount of pollen on your car lol. Spring signifies change and new beginnings. It's a breath of fresh air. Well while you're breathing that fresh air, I'm going to share with you my favorite spring trends right now lol. Keep reading down below.

Bucket hats & School girl Skirts

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a bucket hat. I love accessorizing. Accessories can make an outfit go from basic to real cute. Bucket hats add a little extra something, especially if you have a bucket hat with a funky pattern or texture such as the furry one I'm wearing in the photo. I've seen more & more furry buckets hitting the market, so I can definitely say it's a trend right now. I get all of my bucket hats from SHEIN. They're always below $5 and good quality. The furry ones are perfect for the in-between Spring weather when it's not cold but it's not hot either. You know what I mean lol.

The school girl skirt is another trend I've seen a lot lately. As you may know, fashion always repeats itself. The school girl skirt was popping in the 90s era. The 90s era has been trending for the last year or so, so it was only right for someone to bring the school girl trend back. Whoever did, I'm very pleased because I love this trend! It's so cute and fun. The panel flare design that a school girl skirt always has adds texture to the outfit in a way. I have a few school girl skirts, but I stick to the basics: white, black and khaki. I usually stick with neutrals for bottoms because you're not limiting yourself to a certain color palette when you go to pair with another piece of clothing.

Bold & Bright Colors

Pastel and neon colors are another big trend for Spring, which I'm totally here for. I love colors. When I see a lot of colors, it reminds me of flowers. And it makes me feel positive & uplifted. As previously stated, I buy a lot of neutral-colored clothing, but if I do buy bright-colored clothing I'm usually buying orange and green. So I thought it was only right to bring you an all green & orange outfit. I feel like I look like a flower lol. Now these colors are more on the neon side, but pastels are also trending as well. I love a good monochromatic pastel look. That takes me into my next trend topic.


If you aren't familiar with the term "monochromatic", it just means when a look contains only one color. Each piece could be the exact same color or you could use shades of one color. I only have an all white look for you guys, but follow me on Instagram because I'll be bringing more monochromatic looks your way this Spring & Summer. I think monochromatic looks are trending because when you come across this type of content your eye naturally gravitates towards that content. Well at least mine does lol. Monochromatic looks are not only fun but challenging to put together a look that consists of one color. You have to think of ways to pop to grab people's attention.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I'm really excited about Spring, so I wanted to share my favorite fashion trends with you guys. Leave me a comment below and let me know if there are any particular Spring trends that you're loving right now. I also wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of my Spring nails. But shhh don't show anyone because I haven't posted on my Instagram yet.

Until Next Time




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