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Staycation with Pettigrew Adventures

Back again! And this time I'm giving you a rundown of my recent staycation at Pettigrew Adventures back on Martin Luther King Day. Pettigrew Adventures is a local airbnb company here in Memphis, TN. Honestly, Pettigrew has some of the best airbnbs here in the city. That's a big statement to make, but once you check out the interior design of these luxurious vacations homes, I think you'd agree with me. :) Keep reading down below to hear about my stay at Pettigrew Adventures' airbnb and the beautiful interior design.

Pettigrew Adventures has many airbnbs in the Memphis area, and I was fortunate enough to stay at the "Morgan's Tiger Den" location for a little staycation to celebrate my bestie's birthday. If you didn't know, the owner of Pettigrew Adventures name is Morgan Pettigrew. Hint: why it's called "Morgan's Tiger Den". I've had the chance to visit all of Morgan's airbnbs, and I think the Tiger Den has to be one of my top 2 favorites. The interior design for this airbnb is similar to the others as far as the funky & modern style, but I just love the use of mixed prints & textures happening over at Morgan's Tiger Den. Morgan Pettigrew designs these airbnbs herself, and boy does she do a fantastic job!

See below for a few photos of Morgan's Tiger Den.

To check out other Pettigrew Adventures' airbnb locations or for more information on booking please visit here.

Like previously mentioned, I was able to plan a mini staycation here at Morgan's Tiger Den to celebrate my bestie's birthday. With COVID getting out of hand lately, my friend group did not want to take a trip, so staying at a local airbnb was our chance to get away without getting away and dealing with the stress of coming in contact with the virus. With Valentine's Day coming up, a mini staycation at one of the Pettigrew airbnbs would be the perfect way to celebrate love day! Keep scrolling to see images from my bestie's birthday :)

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to visit CRMstyles, and I hope you enjoyed today's read. #Staytuned because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I'll be going live with a blog post featuring ideas for a quarantine V-day.

Until next time!




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