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Updated Self-Care Routine

Hello beautiful people and happy Sunday! We all know Sunday's are for self-care, so I decided to bring you my updated self-care routine. If you checked out last year's post, my self-care routine hasn't changed much but I did want to share a few updates. Self-care for me is resting, taking care of my body & skin, meditating and feeling the best I possibly can. This blog post is brought to you by RoseSkin Co. & UCA Lingerie. Keep reading down below for a few tips on how you can take care of yourself. :)

Skincare Routine

There's nothing more relaxing than going through my shower & skincare routine. I'm a very sensual person, and I love all things that cater to my senses especially touch & smell. When it comes to my shower & skincare routine, this is my moment to myself to just breathe, take care of my body and indulge in all the aromatic & delightful things. My shower routine consists of washing my face, washing my body, shaving, and washing my hair. My skincare routine consists of toning, moisturizing, using my laser hair removal device by RoseSkin Co. and massaging my scalp. See below for list of products.


Facial Care:

Buff City Soap Activated Charcoal Cleansing bar

Good Molecules Niacinamide serum

Good Molecules Retinol Oil

Good Molecules Priming Moisturizer

Glam Glow Bright Eyes Anti-Fatigue Eye cream

Vaginal Care

RoseSkin Co LUMI IPL Hair Removal Device (bikini line)

Tea Tree Oil

Body Care:

Refreshments 5 Blade Razor

Refreshments Pillowy shaving cream

RoseSkin Co LUMI IPL Hair Removal Device (armpits and stomach strip)

Buff City Soap Body butter (Aloe & Clover, Black Raspberry Vanilla)

Dress Up for Your Damn Self

Forget what others think. Sometimes there is no better feeling than getting dressed up and beating your face for your damn self!! If I have a day where I'm feeling down, then I'll shower, do my skincare routine, and beat my face. I feel good when I look good. You agree?

And you can't beat your face without taking a few selfies.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes I just need to step away from everything that I am doing and thinking about to meditate.. Meditation is very relaxing & rejuvenating for me. I often listen to rain sound playlists on my phone as I'm reading my word or motivational passages.

Eat Good Food

Am I the only one that gets so excited like a big kid when they eat?! Man oh Man does food make me feel good. I love me some seafood. Shrimp, crab and oysters are a few of my favorite comfort foods. Comfort foods are one way to make you feel great instantly; however; healthy foods is what's going to make you feel good over time. I usually incorporate green foods into every one of my meals and natural fruit for every breakfast meal. I also only drink water, nothing else. I try my best to cut out all artificial sugars, and I'm sure to eat at least 3-5 times per day. Healthy food habits are the perfect way to take care of yourself. You are what you eat, right?

Thank you for visiting CRMstyles. I hope you enjoyed today's read and find time to rest & take care of yourself.

Until next time!




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