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My Favorite Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday! Every season there are different trends that emerge in the fashion world. This summer there are many trends from gingham to fringe to pom poms. I do have to say that the pom pom trend is absolutely my favorite! Read down below to hear all about a few of my favorite summer trends.

1. Pom Pom

As I mentioned above, the pom pom trend is my favorite! If I see any piece of clothing that has pom poms, I will buy it haha! They always seem to add a burst of color to my outfits, and that's what I really love. I always find myself buying more accessories with pom poms. Purses and earrings are my favorite pieces to buy! Such a fun way to spruce up a simple outfit.

2. Gingham

The gingham trend was getting out of hand in my closet! I would not stop buying everything that had gingham haha. You can pair gingham with any basic piece and it is just transforms the look.

3. White Shoes

I remember when white heels or boots weren't really in style. Now, it is definitely a thing! White boots add the perfect contrast color to any outfit. Whether I'm rocking an edgy look or a cute & casual look, the white boots always look perfect with either outfit. I will wear my white boots year around! They're cool enough for the summer, and warm enough for the winter :)

Thank you for visiting CRMstyles! I hope you guys find this post helpful in finding those current summer trends. Come back soon to follow along with my next posts!

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