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#HotGirlSummer Lookbook

The summer season is coming to an end, but it's still a Hot Girl Summer! I know a lot of you may be asking what is Hot Girl Summer and why have you been seeing it trend all over social media. Well I'm here to let you know! Meg the Stallion, who is a female hip hop artist, started the phrase "hot girl summer". The phrase means that you are being unapologetically you, having fun, being confident, living your truth, & being the life of the party. Now who doesn’t want that type of a summer? So I’m here to present you with the ultimate hot girl summer fashion lookbook to make you feel like the best you and more confident than ever!

I wanted to present you guys with three different outfits that would be perfect for this “hot girl summer” weather: one casual outfit, one cocktail/evening outfit, and one night time outfit. So let’s start with the casual outfit.

Casual Look

Casual events are all about being comfy but also cute at the same time. I decided to throw on this black vest dress. It is a neutral color, which I love, but it is also breathable. It gives me a lot space for leg room, but the fact that the dress zips up and down allows me to let in more air for the girls, if you know what I mean haha! Also, I paired this dress with a pair of Vans & silver accessories.

Pairing tennis shoes with a dressy outfit can turn that outfit into a casually cute one. You could very well flip this outfit into a night time look just by taking your hair down, throwing on a pair of heels, & running out the door!

Night Time Look

Speaking of night time look, I wanted to share with you guys a trend that I’ve been loving so much lately. BIKER SHORTS! Biker shorts make putting an outfit together so much easier. Here lately, for my night time looks, I find myself finding a really cute top and just pairing it with a pair of biker shorts. I keep multiple pairs of neutral-toned biker shorts in my collection such as: black, white, nude, & grey. I even have a cheetah print pair.

I don’t have a lot of curves, but wearing biker shorts makes it appear as if I do. Hint another reason why I love wearing them. And they are also really comfortable and breathable. Just make sure you don’t get them too tight lol.

Cocktail/Evening Look

Last but definitely not least, I wanted to share a cocktail evening outfit with you guys - something that is a little bit more dressier but on the classy side. I recently bought this dress from boohoo, and I really like it. I love the couture form of the bust, and I like how the bottom hugs my body in every perfect way. I absolutely adore wearing white, but it is definitely a color that you do have to be careful with as far as eating and drinking. If you are a little on the messier side, then I would abstain from wearing white lol. Black is always a good universal color to wear to any formal event.

I paired this dress with a pair of my clear Perspex heels from Ego Official and a holographic handbag from Amazing Lace.

Thank you guys for following along with me on my blog! Keep scrolling to shop these outfits :)

Outfit #1:

Outfit #2:

Outfit #3:


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