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New York Fashion Week in Memphis

Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to CRMstyles. Last week was New York fashion week, and I couldn't attend this year. Well get ready folks because we're bringing #NYFW to Memphis, TN. I decided to put 3 fashion week inspired looks together for you guys. Keep reading down below to see my 3 looks and find out the inspiration behind each look.

1. "For You" Fit

First, up we have a black and yellow oversized blazer coordinated with a crop top, liquid leggings, yellow pumps, a small handbag, and we couldn't forget the sunnies. We kept jewelry at a minimum with silver medium sized hoops, a single pendant necklace, and a few rings.

My inspiration behind this look was based upon the blazer. I ordered this blazer several months back, but I had yet to wear it. I love this blazer not only because of the colors but also the "for you" language and how it's placed. It reminds me to do all things for you and not anyone else. Don't you love an outfit with a strong message? :)

The blazer is super oversized, and I wasn't sure how much I liked it when I first ordered it. When NYFW came around, it was the perfect time to pull it out. With the blazer being oversized, I knew I needed to to wear tight fitted layers, so that's why I went with a fitted crop top & leggings. I went with liquid leggings instead of basic cotton or spandex leggings to give the outfit additional texture. And I needed to add something to the outfit to make the yellow from the blazer pop, so I added a pair of yellow pumps and black & yellow sunnies.

Shop this look down below.

Blazer: SHEIN

Crop Top: Areopostale

Liquid Leggings: Poshmark

Heels: Amazon

Sunnies: Amazon

Handbag: Thrifted

Hoops: Local beauty supply

Necklace: Forever21

Rings: ALDO

2. Prints & Patterns

Next up, we have a true #StreetStyle look featuring a longline holographic bubble coat, plaid printed jeans, white crop top, white pumps and peach 90s inspired sunnies. As far as jewelry, we went over the top with a layered lightning bolt chain, gold hoops, and rings on each finger.

Street style has to be my favorite category of fashion right now. There's a show I've been watching recently on HBO Max called "The Hype", which is a reality competition series where street style designers face off against one another. As we all know, New York is known for street style, so I knew I needed to incorporate a street style look for NYFW.

The first piece I chose for this look was the holographic bubble coat. I purchased this coat last year for my birthday and I had yet to wear it since. What better time to pull this statement piece out again than for NYFW? It was hard trying to figure out bottoms to pair with the coat. I wanted something that was going to pop and be out of the ordinary. I had these jeans in my closet that I have yet to wear and I thought they were perfectly paired with the coat. I kept the crop top and shoes white because I needed pieces to neutralize the colors from the coat and jeans.

Shop this look down below.

Bubble Coat: Elsie & Fred

Crop Top: SHEIN

Jeans: SHEIN

Heels: Pretty Little Thing

Sunnies: SHEIN

Hoops: ALDO

Necklace: Janey Bee Jems

Rings: Amazon


Last but definitely not least, we have a KPOP inspired look featuring a white full bodysuit, green printed skirt, fur scrunchies, silver handbag and silver pumps. We kept accessories at a minimum and only wore silver star earrings and a silver belt.

The inspiration behind this look was all based upon the green skirt. I ordered this skirt a time ago, and I loved the print. I also love wearing gloves with my high fashion looks, so I knew I wanted to incorporate a pair of gloves into this outfit. Also, I've seen the sock trend with heels before and I've never been a fan, but it made me think of doing a full bodysuit with gloves and footsies. This outfit gave me a fun vibe, so I knew I wanted to do my hair in pigtails with fur scrunchies to pop. I saw these heels on one of my IG followers, and I fell in love. From that point, I knew I was going to pair silver accessories with this look.

Shop this look below.

Bodysuit: Amazon

Skirt: SHEIN

Heels: Ego Official

Handbag: Pretty Little Thing

Scrunchies: Amazon

Earrings: Amazing Lace

Belt: Forever21

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you guys. I can't seem to pick a favorite outfit, but let me know which outfit is your favorite by leaving me a comment down below!

Until next time!




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