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Women's History Month

For Women's History Month, I wanted to do something fun to show support for women in this world that I have seen make a difference and also displayed superb fashion sense. Last month was Black History Month, so it was only right that I focused on African American women specifically. To show my support, I decided to recreate a few fashion moments from African American women icons you may recognize. Keep reading down below to see what looks I have chosen to recreate.


We all know Beyonce has helped shaped the R&B music world and left her imprints on its culture. She is married to the infamous Hov (Jay-Z) and has brought 3 beautiful children into this world. Beyonce has been named the highest-paid black recording artist of all time with a net worth of $500 million. And she does it all with style and grace. This lady has broken many world records. She became the first black woman to headline Coachella in 2018, she is the first artist to have her first 6 albums debut at No. 1 and she is the most nominated woman in Grammy history. The list goes on, but let's not only mention the many world records she has set, but also the work she has shown through supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I recently did a poll on my Instagram and asked my followers if they thought Beyonce was overrated, and 21% of my followers said yes. If you didn't realize it before, then I’m here to help you realize now that Beyonce is that girl lol!

Beyonce recently shot for Vogue Magazine (see picture above), and I fell in love with this look. See below for my recreation.

Cicely Tyson

She blessed us with her drama & acting skills on the big screens, and now I'm blessing you with a recreation of one of her looks. Cicely Tyson passed late January of this year, and it took the whole world down memory lane remembering all of the classic dramas & movies she featured in. Roots, The Help and Diary of a Mad Black Woman are just a few. We all knew her for her kind & gentle spirit with a voice that was so soothing and reminded you of your mom or grandmother. And this is why I chose to recreate one of her fashion moments.


Cicely Tyson paved the way for many younger African American women in Hollywood including Zendaya. Zendaya started as a child Disney channel star and now she is making fierce moves in Hollywood celebrating black culture and standing up for what she believes in. We know her for her work in Euphoria, The Greatest Showman, Spiderman, Malcom & Marie and the list goes on. She is the youngest person to win an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama series for her role in Euphoria. The style & grace of this young black queen empowers other young queens around the world.

Often times I am told I look like Zendaya, so of course I wanted to recreate one of her iconic looks. :) Zendaya recently shot for Essence Magazine and this was her cover. It was love at first sight for me! See below for my recreation.

Harriet Tubman

Who would've thought the person that is most infamous for the freeing of slaves in America would be a woman?! Harriet Tubman is known as the famous conductor of the Underground Railroad where she went on to free many slaves. I think we all know the story of Harriet. She was born during the 1800's when fashion was very different, so I'd thought it'd be fun to recreate one of her looks. I decided to recreate the look above which is actually the youngest image of Tubman that is known to man.

Thank you all so much for visiting CRMstyles. This blog post was so much fun to put together for you guys! I really enjoyed recreated all of the fashion moments. I may do another one of these very soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what look I should recreate next.

Until Next Time!




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